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Tai Chi Center of Madison

Since 1974, the Tai Chi Center of Madison has provided quality training in tai chi and qigong to people with a wide range of abilities, ages, experiences and learning styles.

    We offer classes in Yang Style tai chi (Cheng Man-Ch'ing lineage) and Tricia Yu's "Tai Chi Fundamentals®" program, a systematic approach for mastering tai chi basics. Our Tai Chi Fundamentals and ROM Dance class includes gentle seated and standing exercises.

    All classes include instruction in sensing and cultivating qi. All instructors have studied tai chi for many years and bring unique teaching styles to their classes. We are dedicated to providing a peaceful, supportive environment for learning.

Classes and Courses

All our classes will help you de-stress, relax, align, strengthen and energize.

We teach:

• Tai Chi Fundamentals® (developed by Tricia Yu)

• Cheng Man Ch'ing Lineage Tai Chi

• WCC Chen Style Tai Chi 

• Qi Gong

• Sensing Hands (Push Hands, Tui Shou)

If you have movement restrictions, balance problems or pain, the Qigong or Tai Chi Fundamentals classes are easiest.

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Intermediate & Advanced Classes

• Yang 2, 3, 4, 5 

• William CC Cnen's 60 Movements

• William CC Chen's Long Form

• Sensing Hands (aka Push Hands)

• Tai Chi Sword

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Tai Chi

Cheng Man Ch'ing Style (Yang 1-3)

In the late sixties, Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ching, a student of Yang Cheng Fu and already a renowned teacher across mainland China and Taiwan, came to New York and was one of the first to teach this ancient exercise openly to non-Chinese students. Cheng Man-Ching maintained his schools in United States and Taiwan until his death in 1975.

His many prominent students, including Masters Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo and William C.C. Chen, have taught Cheng Man-Ching lineage Yang Style tai chi to thousands of students across the United States and Europe, making it one of the most popular forms worldwide.

In these classes you will practice embodying Ben Lo's Five Principles through studying and moving through the form. Expect it to take two semesters to progress through Yang 1, 2 & 3.

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Tai Chi

William CC Chen Style

These classes, are taught by Jody Curley, in the spirit of her long-term teacher, Grandmaster William C. C. Chen.

Master Chen has devoted his life to the study of body mechanics and the effects of Tai Chi Chuan for art of self-defense as well as on physical health, and to the application of the principles of Tai Chi Chuan. His approach is to make Tai Chi Chuan simple, easier, natural, enjoyable and productive. William C. C. Chen was born in Chekiang, China. He started teaching Tai Chi Chuan while training as a live-in student of the famous Great-Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ching.

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Tai Chi Fundamentals ®

The Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program, created by Tricia Yu, offers a clear system for mastering the basics of tai chi while retaining the integrity of traditional Yang Style tai chi (Cheng Man Ch'ing lineage).

This program is designed to make tai chi clear and accessible for beginners with a wide range of abilities, and for experienced practitioners wishing to refine essential groundwork. The program includes training in alignment, grounding and core movement presented in a sequence that progresses from simple to complex moves. It also provides perspectives on the practical wisdom of this ancient exercise and its applications for daily life. Whether you are learning it for the first time, or reviewing in detail, this program can help you develop and maintain a solid foundation for your tai chi practice.

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Tai Chi Sword (Jian)
Tai Chi Saber (Dao)

The Tai Chi Saber form is one of the earliest known weapon forms in the Yang family Tai Chi martial arts. Tai Chi Sword came later. Chen Yanlin writes "You must use the saber to draw forth your own internal power, causing the power within your whole body, as well as your essence, energy, and spirit, to move into the saber." So these weapons forms, like all of Tai Chi train energy, spirit and internal power.

Both classes progress similarly to other form classes: You will begin with structured exercises - gently getting experience with the concepts and working with the weapon. Your skills progress gradually as you study and practice several new postures each class until the entire form is learned.

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Qi Gong

Breathing Earth Qi Gong includes slow, graceful movement, meditative postures, visualizations, and individual and group energetic experiences based upon the ancient Asian arts of “energy cultivation”, wellness, flexibility, spiritual attunement, and breath-and-body awareness.

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